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'Lollipop' Topiary

Ligustrum Delavayanum Common name: Privet. The classic lollipop topiary shape always looks wonderfully elegant in pots, and is often seen flanking smart doorways. Ligustrum is quite a slow growing evergreen plant, and will need just a light trim during the growing season (Summer) to keep it in shape. Decorative stones are good to use with the lollipop, as a large area of compost is exposed. Alternatively, you can plant low-growing or trailing plants around the stem, such as ivy.

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  • Evergreen
  • Frost hardy
  • Suitable for shade or sun
  • Plant size varies within the dimensions given, both in stem height and diameter of ball

Please note that we can only supply plants if you are also ordering pots; they cannot be supplied on their own.


Dedicated Delivery

This plant will be delivered on a pallet by our dedicated delivery service together with your pots, but will not be pre-planted.

The charge is £40 per order, irrespective of the number of products.

Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery, although our average delivery time is around 6 days. If you have an urgent deadline, then get in touch - we'll do our best to meet it. More delivery information


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